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Aluminum cleats are modern versions of the french cleat made specifically for picture/panel hanging are sometimes called z-hangers, z-bars, hang bars, hang clips, hanging cleats, hanger rails. All are variations of the same basic idea: two slightly offset metal cleats--one installed on the wall and one on the the back of the object to be displayed--connect together. The displayed object is held in position by its own weight and gravity. 

Our aluminum extrusion cleat hangers create simple, strong and very reliable installations for virtually any flat object you want to hang on a wall: artwork, panels, display boards, signage, framed mirrors, etc. 

The medium and heavy-duty versions are capable of supporting very heavy items that no other hanging method can handle. The light-duty versions are a quick and easy way to hang average-size wood and metal picture frames, plaques, art boards and signs.




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